Lake (Nacimiento) Fire

8:30 pm – no additional information. Last word was 100 acres and 50% contained. I did not get up to look at it, was preparing a bunch of work that has to be mailed or overnighted tomorrow. Sorry. Work sometimes gets in the way of life, you know?

5 pm – New fire this afternoon by the lake, near the dam. Moderate to rapid ROS anticipated. These high temperatures cannot be helping. I will go out later to take a look, as my perch up here provides a view, although, I must go up to the top of the property. I will update this post later this evening as I obtain more information. For those not familiar with the area, while it is miles away from the South Coast of Big Sur, it is visible from here, and the terrain in between is unforgiving.

With the blazing hot temps (116 at the lake today) we’ve had for days, this one may well go beyond initial attack. So far, with all the fires starting across the state, Cal-Fire has been knocking them down in record time. Great job, guys and gals!!

I just heard that this one has been “picked up.” That appears to mean, under control, but I’ve never had official confirmation of the term. It is being reported at 100 acres and 50% contained at 5:15 pm. Good news. But I will continue to keep abreast of developments.

Here is a live feed: (caveat, I have not tried it, yet.)
Online feed is

3 thoughts on “Lake (Nacimiento) Fire

  1. Kate,

    We ought to hire you as a lookout! Do you live anywhere near where Ruth Albee used to live? I always enjoy your reporting and should check your site more often.

  2. There actually was a look-out tower here, many years ago. The prior owner offered to lease the property to the USFS for $1/year. The USFS declined. We found evidence of it 20 years later.

    BTW, don’t need to “hire” me. I do it for free. I’ve got a job, AND I get to work from home. Now, if the state would only pay me for it. Getting IOUs, currently.

  3. Hello Kate,

    Thanks for keeping a lookout for us out here at the lake, sincerely. Its all over with now.

    I came across you because I was searching for info on the fire but now that I found you I wished to ask you a question.

    I’ve been contemplating a backpack trek from Naci to the coast. as you know the most rugged and unforgiving terrain to get across. Do you know of anyone who’s done it or of a path or quasi path thats been trekked? either straight across to he coast or even south Big Sur?

    I’m just beginning my research for the possibility of doing this incredible trek, any advice and your general thoughts would be appreciated.

    I’ll see if I can email you directly, but if you get this post email me at with any input.

    Thanks in advance and hope I hear from you!

    Kindest Regards,
    Anthony Esquivel
    Nacimiento lake

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