Change of Pace

There’s always a rainbow somewhere. Last week, I woke in Riverside for oral argument. There were incredible photo ops right outside my window, and I will share a few tonight. Tomorrow, I will get back to keeping track of the La Brea Fire, but tonight, I’d like to “mix it up” a bit to share the beauty I witnessed.





5 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. All awesome shots Kate. I really like the 1st, the rainbow, and the palm tree ones.

  2. In the first and the last photos the clouds look so 3D that they leave me with the thought that they are blanketing the earth. Rainbows are truly special and you’ve captured the vastness here. Thankyou for sharing these.

  3. These are incedible photos! Thanks so much for posting them. At first I thought the top shot was actually an oil painting by some unknown master. Just glorious.

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