Weather, clouds, lightning, and Missy

I did not have any thunder up here. Believe me, Dakota would have let me know. No clouds this morning, so maybe we dodged that bullet.

Off to the vet for stitches and tranquilizers. This is the second time in two months. Missy, of course.

In the meantime, enjoy this recent shot from Dan Danbom.


Sunset over Willow Creek


Just loved these cloud formations the other night.

On another note, new Fire restrictions went into effect yesterday. Still no campfires outside of developed campgrounds (Nacimiento, Ponderosa, Plaskett Creek, and Kirk Creek, along with Day use areas Sand Dollar Beach and Mill Creek). Also permits are now required for both propane stoves and lanterns. I’ll post the notice later today, which has a link to get a permit online.

Change of Pace

There’s always a rainbow somewhere. Last week, I woke in Riverside for oral argument. There were incredible photo ops right outside my window, and I will share a few tonight. Tomorrow, I will get back to keeping track of the La Brea Fire, but tonight, I’d like to “mix it up” a bit to share the beauty I witnessed.