Weather, clouds, lightning, and Missy

I did not have any thunder up here. Believe me, Dakota would have let me know. No clouds this morning, so maybe we dodged that bullet.

Off to the vet for stitches and tranquilizers. This is the second time in two months. Missy, of course.

In the meantime, enjoy this recent shot from Dan Danbom.


5 thoughts on “Weather, clouds, lightning, and Missy

  1. What a view, flying above the clouds. Glad you missed storms, good luck with Missy.
    We’re heading into our 5th totally spectacular summer day. Sunday night, silent night in contrast to weekend of Concourse d’Elegance. Police cars w/lights/sirens, motorcycle cops all over Carmel Valley Road between gaggles of the most phenomenal road machines on earth. What a treat. Every exotic shape and speed that man can make with metal and fibreglass. Sat in my wicker chair in front of my gallery, stationed in the parking lot like an RVer in front of a drive-in movie, standing to cheer the special ones on. Even a trip to the local gas station was paradise. This morning it’s all birds chirping, multi-colored feathers, flowers, meadow.

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