Photo Sunday, 4/22/18

A few photos taken on a back road from San Jose I took last month, to enjoy this beautiful Earth Day.


~ by bigsurkate on April 22, 2018.

8 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 4/22/18”

  1. Beautiful. Is that the road that goes near Uvas Resevoir? I love back roads. My husband, David, always groans when I am driving because he knows it means back road driving!


  2. I no longer give out the places, names, directions to ANY where in CA. Too many people.


  3. No need to say. Those that go (like Aletha), already know.


  4. Does anyone know how the bottleneck at Rio rd went yesterday? Did they solve the flow?


  5. The only thing I heard about yesterday was that the flaggers were gone at 4, and there was a traffic problem at Point Lobos, so maybe it wasn’t bad???


  6. I crossed Hwy 1 @ Rio Rd heading to Crossroads from Mission area yesterday @ 6 pm and there were 4 flaggers, one at each lane of traffic and looked like 2 supervisors, I suspect, since they had clipboards. Traffic wasn’t a problem. Then came across from Crossroads @ 8:30 pm to head SB down Hwy 1 and again, no problem. The traffic heading north on 1 was moving and not backed up. Seems like they may have gotten a handle on it. They didn’t have the detour they talked re: for SB 1 btw CV Rd & Rio, it was still allowed in that stretch. I don’t know what they’ll next weekend for the BSIM but I’m sure we’ll find out!


  7. What road was this?


  8. A back road. I don’t give out locations any more, as I don’t want to see them ruined and/or inundated.


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