8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 4/22/18

  1. Beautiful. Is that the road that goes near Uvas Resevoir? I love back roads. My husband, David, always groans when I am driving because he knows it means back road driving!

  2. Does anyone know how the bottleneck at Rio rd went yesterday? Did they solve the flow?

  3. I crossed Hwy 1 @ Rio Rd heading to Crossroads from Mission area yesterday @ 6 pm and there were 4 flaggers, one at each lane of traffic and looked like 2 supervisors, I suspect, since they had clipboards. Traffic wasn’t a problem. Then came across from Crossroads @ 8:30 pm to head SB down Hwy 1 and again, no problem. The traffic heading north on 1 was moving and not backed up. Seems like they may have gotten a handle on it. They didn’t have the detour they talked re: for SB 1 btw CV Rd & Rio, it was still allowed in that stretch. I don’t know what they’ll next weekend for the BSIM but I’m sure we’ll find out!

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