Misc. Info. – access, tourists, Cal-Trans & personal

First off, I want to thank a couple of readers who are taking initiative on their concerns, after sharing them with me. There is only so much I can do. One, encountered difficulties gaining access to a beach at Kirk Creek where they have been fishing for years, by walking through the campground. The campground hosts prevented them from doing so, creating such a scene that both parties contacted the MCSO. The party also contacted the USFS in King City. Looks like the beach and trail will remain open. USFS will be talking to Park Management re the issue, and I may or may not hear the results of that.

Another reader noted an old article on MCWeekly, which is still posted on line, pointing people to several “out-of-the-way” camping spots, including Bottcher’s Gap, which cannot be accessed since the Soberanes Fire and then the road damage up Palo Colorado Canyon. She wrote them asking them to take down that article and not increase our tourist issues down here. Hopefully, she will let me know what MCWeekly’s response is

I encourage you all to let me know of problems you encounter with our burgeoning tourist issue and what you do in your efforts to resolve them.

Second, I have obtained a copy of the contract between Cal Trans and Madonna Construction for the repair of Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide. I am happy to share them with any of you who are interested in receiving them. The contract itself is about 40 pages, and there are 3 amendments, each 2 pages long. They are complicated.  I have converted the pdfs to jpg. Comment below or send me an email if interested and I will forward them. I have not had time to review them, and may not for a while. Which brings me to my third item.

Rock Knocker’s sister had a brain aneurysm and had surgery at a hospital in SF yesterday. They are bringing her out of a medically induced coma today.  We were not able to go up today, as Rock Knocker was in San Luis getting his income taxes done. We are awaiting a call from his sister-in-law who is going this afternoon to see her, and will let us know what is happening. At that time we will make the decision about when to head up. Of course, neither of us is looking forward to traveling during an Atmospheric River into the eye of the storm, so will take some planning. I will try to provide reports, if I am able.