STRs Meeting, Next Tuesday…

…At 9:30 am at the Conference Center at the Lodge.

Important Meeting on Tuesday, April 24th at 9:30 AM 

at the Conference Room at Pfeiffer State Park. 

Mark your calendar, tell your neighbors and friends. 

(if you can’t make the meeting please send an e-mail stating that STR’s are not consistent with the Big Sur LUP to: 
RMA Service Manager Melanie Beretti:
cc: Supervisor Mary Adams: and

A ‘Special Meeting’ to discuss STR’s in Big Sur.

Let’s all show up to demonstrate that allowing STR’s in Big Sur isn’t consistent with our LUP and that the community is close to united in its opposition to making STR’s legal. 


Many of us have testified at public hearings multiple times but it appears that, despite our efforts to clarify the issues, and despite the negative impacts on traffic, public access, housing, public safety and community, there’s still a chance decision makers will make STR’s legal in Big Sur. We need to prevent that from happening.

Again here’s the link to the County announcement of this ‘Special Meeting’

Please share this with your neighbors  (and FB etc!) – it is a very good time to show up and help in the thoughtful protection of the Big Sur coast.