Nightmare at Rio Rd., 4/9/18

And this is the official response from Cal Trans:

”Thank you for your recent inquiry, notifying Caltrans about the traffic issues you experienced at Highway 1 and Rio Road. The construction is part of a climbing lane project that involves widening the east side of Highway 1. This project is led by Monterey County. Late last week, the project team needed to shift traffic to the west side of the highway in order to continue construction on the east side. The county and its construction contractor are working on making adjustments this week that will help alleviate some of the traffic concerns, especially to northbound Hwy. 1 traffic. Looking forward, the project is scheduled for completion in late summer.

For additional information please contact Christina Poe at the County of Monterey at” (Christine Poe 831-755-5025.)

Added later, from another reader: “Sunday traffic hwy 1 @6pm from south end Yankee Pt…traffic going north was visable to Otter Cove and further beyond. Crawed to Rio Rd 1:40 one car at a time. No other cars at other three lights. NORTH BOUND NEEDS HELP!”


Both Saturday and Sunday, I received reports & complaints re the problems with the construction at Rio Rd. People were bascially unable to get to town, if needed. Here are a few of the screen shots they sent me or posted. Also, I forwarded all these photos on to Cal Trans last night. While Cal Trans is not the project manager, only provides oversight,  it is a joint project for MoCo, TAMC, and Cal Trans, Cal Trans indicated they would forward on to the project manager. The first one is from Saturday, and the last two are from Sunday. Let’s keep documenting this. It is supposed to last through August.