I thought I made it clear that I did NOT think the owner of the truck with the dogs was responsible, as he is a firefighter and as I said, they are my heros. So let me be clear. He is NOT responsible.

I apologize to him and to anyone else that felt I was inferring otherwise. I have removed that post to avoid any further confusion on this subject.

Now, I have had enough of the drama, and am looking for a little comedy in my life. Maybe the Community Pig Roast will provide some. Veggies that look like celebrities?? Really?? They’ll be a contest for that at the Pig Roast and Pot Luck, and I really look forward to seeing some people I haven’t seen in WAY too long!

~ by bigsurkate on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. clarity—is reason to blaze on


  2. Thanks, Ken.


  3. Thanks for removing the photos. See you at the Pig Roast!!


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