Bryson Fire

7:00 pm – Yet another fire, over by Lake San Antonio. I have photos, which I will upload. According to my Lockwood source, it started across from the Post Office in Lockwood and just went. It is burning in the bottom of the lake bed on the north end of Lake San Antonio. Lots of resources on the way. Cal Fire says it’s setting up an evacuation site a the Lockwood school, also known as San Antonio Elementary. Red Cross will be on scene at 6:00 tonight to help out families forced to evacuate their homes. Last update puts the fire at 1500 acres.

The smoke is laying down pretty good. This is what it looked like around 6 pm from my place.

Here is a similar shot:

I have a good friend in Lockwood, who is keeping an eye on this for me. He will call if there is a flare-up tonight, otherwise, I will update in the morning. Work deadlines have been really rough the last couple of weeks, and I am just barely upright. In the morning, people.

2 thoughts on “Bryson Fire

  1. There was a big plume of smoke visible from Paso Robles at about 4 PM today. Tankers were flying over here (20 mi w of Paso) this afternoon until dark. Weather conditions are negative: predicted 104 tomorrow and maybe 110 on Friday.

  2. Yup, I heard about a red flag alert. Single digit RH, and high temps. Oh, boy. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. I have close friends in Lockwood.

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