Bryson Fire, 8/27/09

4:00 pm update – just went and took a look. While quite a bit of smoke, no plumes, so looks like it is pretty much under control. Here is a wide angle:

And here is the zoom of the smoke:

1:30 pm update – the smoke is picking up quite a bit. Will probably go out back and take a look-see, and maybe photos.

11:30 am updates – no new reports, no new plumes, looks like this one is handled, unless the winds get it moving. If no further updates, then assume all is going well.

7:00 am update –
* 2,754 acres, 60% contained
* Current weather: 50 Degrees, 50% RH, winds light and variable
* Evacuations: 2 Ranches (4 – 8 people affected)
* Some concerns due to predicted Red Flag conditions. High temps, low RH and gusty NE winds are predicted from 1000-2200 today

I got an early morning shot, with the smoke just barely visible through the trees in my front yard. This was taken at just after 6:30 am. I will go up to the back to get a better shot at some point today.

6:30 am – no plumes, yet, but I can see the smoke near the ground.

Last night around 11 pm, this was reported:

2015 acres
15% contained
2 outbuildings confirmed destroyed
Evacuations to Lockwood Community Center
Estimated containment: 1800 hours 8/27
Firing operations along Pleyto-Cemetery Road put in good control lines. Planned firing operations along Interlake Road to the north on 8/27.

If a plume develops, you can bet I will take a photograph or dozen, and post a few here.

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