Station Fire civilian entrapment

KCAL-TV is reporting the entrapment of 5 civilians in the Station Fire, in the Gold Canyon area, an area evacuated 2 days ago. They are trapped on a ranch, and rescuers cannot get to them, except by helicopter, and conditions right now are too dangerous to attempt a rescue.

For complete coverage, see: KCAL-TV

An update and link regarding the above was posted by firefox in the comments below. Reporters drove in to see them, and they had NOT asked to be rescued, and were fine where they were. Please read the story.

9 thoughts on “Station Fire civilian entrapment

  1. Damn…hope it turns out ok. Sounds like the situation in the fire in Big Sur last Summer…the part about mandatory evac and all. This could really be a can of worms….

  2. That is the problem I experienced personally with some folks who decided to stay behind during Basin. They were competent smart folks who had a right to stay but then decided to hold out just a bit too long, even after the pro’s ran for it, got scared and called for help. That is when it really becomes an issue. You have a right to stay but you do not have a right to ask others to walk into very dangerous conditions because of your actions. That is simply unfair to the families of firefighters and others who take calculated risks to serve.
    Stay and defend but know when to get out.

  3. Hi Kate, I love your site. As a firegirl I’m sure that you already know about this site, but at some time you might write an entry to let others know. Their mapping helps me make sense of what’s going on!
    The best to you up there in paradise 🙂

  4. They can’t have it both ways. When they were telling the tale of the trapped civilians regretting their decision and begging for help, the LA County Sheriffs Office made a big point of how they weren’t going to endanger their personnel by trying to rescue them. So I hope, now that their story has fallen apart, they aren’t going to say that these folks are putting others in harms way with their decision to stay.

  5. Ditto to xasauan. It seems to me there’s something going on here…some sort of power play, perhaps even before necessary, by the Sheriffs, and it sure reminds me of the attitude and tactics of the Mty Cty Sheriff’s during the Basin fire. Also reminds me of kindergarden “sandbox politics”: “well, if you aren’t going to listen to me, then I’m not going to play with (help) you”. People (everyone)need to get a grip!

  6. Well, Z, interesting point. They brought Mike Dietrich, the IC at the Basin Fire, out of retirement to be IC at the Station Fire, so it is no surprise the tactics are similar.

  7. Yes…I saw his name on the INCIWEB info. Is interesting. I also think there is something to the thought that the “homeland security” training that all Fed employees now have (including firefighters) has something to do with these instances. That mentality would express that way.

    BTW…thanks for letting us voice our minds here. Very ‘hospitable’ of you! 🙂

    And BTW 2: how is your pup? Haven’t seen a post about that in awhile.

  8. I must disagree with the so called “tactics”. When there was civilians trapped during Basin, Mike Deitrich turned every resource to the goal of rescue at that point. It’s an untold story that I know firsthand where within minutes sheriff deputies, fire fighters, and a helo where being sent to the scene to attempt a rescue. It turned out in that case, like at Gold Creek, the danger had been overstated by a THIRD party (a relative via phone in Basin, media in the case of Gold Creek) and the folks made it out safely. But Safety is the biggest concern.
    You cannot order firefighters into a situation where there is no clear safe escape route.
    The Basin Fire rescue is much different than what happened on Apple Pie later in the week.

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