State Parks “after the storm” update

“We finally opened Andrew Molera back open on Friday afternoon after a good assessment of the excessive muddiness and flooding. The river breached its banks into the trail to the campground and I wanted to give it ample time to dry out before we allowed people to walk in. They didn’t get power restored here for almost 72 hours as well The problem was up on east Molera at the last pole. Grief!! They ended up finding the problem with a helicopter and had to hike in equipment to fix it. We were the last to get power restored here in the valley.

Pfeiffer SP, JP Burns, and the Point Sur Lighthouse are back open. I have yet to complete a good assessment of all the trails. I have an employee hiking up to Sykes this weekend for a personal camping trip. He is going to let me know how it is.

I measured 10± inches on my rain gauge here at Molera.”

Thanks for the update, Rain!

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