Loma Fire Update & Wind Advisory

As of 6:30 pm, Cal-Fire lists the Loma Fire as just under 500 acres and 55% contained.

9 am – No news on the Loma Fire. Still listed as 600 acres and 20% contained, per Cal-Fire at 7 am. All sources quiet since last night (that’s good) but a wind advisory has been issued. From NOAA discussion: “DECIDED TO ISSUE A WIND ADVISORY TO COVER THE HIGHER ELEVATION LOCATIONS WHERE WINDS WILL LOCALLY GUST CLOSE TO 60 MPH. FOR LOWER LYING AREAS…A BIT OF A TOUGHER CALL. HOWEVER THE STRONG SURFACE GRADIENT PLUS GOOD POSSIBILITY OF DOWNWARD FORCING OF WIND ABOVE THE SURFACE SHOULD PRODUCE LOCAL GUSTS OF 45 MPH OR EVEN GREATER.” This is for this evening through Wednesday.

Additionally, it looks as if our area will be dry all week, rain not anticipated. Fuel moisture levels are being reported at only 10%. Our great storm of October 13th did NOT end the fire season, unfortunately.

Be sure to read the comment to this post from a former Big Surian, now near the fire for her description.

One thought on “Loma Fire Update & Wind Advisory

  1. Hi…this is Jean Alkire, formerly of Edge of the Wild, Willow Ck.
    We are on the hill above Eureka canyon, about 4 miles inland from Corralitos. Last year’s Summit Fire area is between us and the current blaze, about 3 miles NNE from here. Smoke in the air, especially with evening and early morning winds. A light fall of ash yesterday 10/26 We expect strong winds across the fire area, toward us for the next two days. Air support busy all day yesterday. VERY LITTLE NEWS. Just what is on the Calfire incident report. Still trying to find an exact map. We had, I swear, 20 inches right here 13 days ago…talk about counterintuitive fire!

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