Smoke Machine on Coast

A smoke machine was being used at Anderson Canyon for a film shoot, apparently without notice, so both the BSVFB and the USFS were called out. The same crew will be using smoke at Pfeiffer Beach, Lucia, Harlans and a few other places over the next few days.

Interestingly, this same crew managed to set fire to their room at Ventana today by leaving clothes drying near a light bulb. It is not clear exactly what happened, i.e. were the clothes too close, or did the light bulb break, or ?? Fortunately, the sprinklers in the room put it out.

Oh, great. Now we won’t know if this is real or Memorex.

~ by bigsurkate on October 27, 2009.

One Response to “Smoke Machine on Coast”

  1. Holey Moley when its not one thing its another. I hope the burning lightbulb/clothes didn’t do too much damage?

    Why do they need a smoke machine anyways? Seems to me if they are filming they could drive up to Santa Cruz and film there. Same sort of landscape.


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