Pampas in the Sun

Pampas in the Sun, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

While I hate pampas grass, because it is so invasive, and so hard to kill, I couldn’t pass up this photo op. I won’t give out the name of the landowner who originally thought this was a good idea to plant this in his garden years ago here on the South Coast, but I would like to pass along a tip for travelers.

One of the ways that this invasive species gets spread up and down the coast, is that tourists stop, pick one and then attach it to their antenna, or otherwise scatter the seeds to the winds. Please don’t. I kid you not. I’ve stopped and warned many people about the results of their unthinking behavior. It is very, very difficult to eradicate. It takes over an area, crowding out our native plants, then spreads it seeds via wind or tourists, and takes over another area, until the entire coast side is nothing but pampas grass along Highway One.

Cal-Trans fights a never-ending battle with this stuff, often being forced to resort to serious chemicals in order to kill it. Don’t help it spread. It does a good enough job on its own.

Thank you, bigsurkate

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  1. Thank you for this post, Kate! Pampas flourishes all along the San Mateo County coast!

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