Sunset on the South Coast

Sunset on the South Coast, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Many times, I cannot believe that the Goddess smiled on me so sweetly back in 1985, and guided me to this beautiful, spiritually healing and nourishing place. I wish everyone could find a place like this to heal and gain health. I hope you can enjoy a bit of it with me, here, in cyberspace, with my photos and my words.

Good night all. Will check back in tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sunset on the South Coast

  1. Right there with you, Kate. This time of year is beautiful for us California coast inhabitants. Particularly more so, those of us who live in the remaing undeveloped portions of the coast.

  2. Hi Kate – Can you tell me exactly where this is? Like a particular turnout or vista point? Would love to go there.

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