3 thoughts on “Lighting

  1. These are fun, Kate.You lined them up justperfectleading me to the big orange burst at the bottom.I chuckled. Is that lighting on top of a pillar somewhere?

  2. yes, they are fun, aren’t they. The first shot is from inside the Steamers Restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA. The lit pillar is outside the restaurant, and the green light is inside. So shot inside to out. The second one is a stairwell also in Pismo Beach. The orange burst at the bottom is the ceiling lights at the MGM Grand in Los Vegas. I have done all sorts of amazing things with this photo, which I may post some day, but this is the original, straight-out-of-the-camera shot.

  3. Oh, and Leslie, the MGM ceiling had a disc in the middle from which the burst radiated in all directions. I just composed it to show part, and that is why it looks like this sits on top of a pillar.

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