Loss of a friend …

I will continue with weather reports, including rain received, later, but first, I must acknowledge the death of a friend … Lee Buzzard. For those who knew him, including his family, he could be an exasperating friend, sometimes. The last time I saw him was at the Jade Festival, where he snuck up behind me and grabbed my boob, something he had never done before.We all have so many “Lee stories” that we will tell over the next days, weeks, and months. Lynne and I have spoken of having a memorial on a hot summer’s day, when we can scatter his ashes as he wished, to join his mother, and his favorite dog, Max.

Lee came to Big Sur many years ago, after an early retirement as a labor negotiator between schools and teachers’s unions. He served on the local school board for several years. He lived up at the Nacaraubi for a time, on Willow, Plaskett, and lately on Gorda Mountain.

Lee, I will miss your acidic wit, the twinkle in your eye, when you were plotting some new idea, and that wonderful deep singing voice of yours. I will miss your friendship.

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  1. Yes, a good true friend has left us. So many times, he would drive up for a surprise “talk story”. Last time I saw him, he did just that. I was hauling my fishing stuff up at Mill Creek, and he drove down and gave me a short break from the work for some fishin’ stories and jokes. We had some good laughs. That is the way I will always remember him.

  2. I am sorry to hear that yet another old-timer Sur resident is gone. My condolences to you and his other friends and any surviving family.

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