Rain Possible?

At 9:23 pm, heavy hail, lightning, and thunder resounded over and around me. My internet connection is sporadic, and I cannot seem to update my blog, or do anything other than send email, and that only sporadically. I have two dogs calmly sleeping, and two panting and shaking from the storm. I am turning off all electrical equipment, as the lightning and thunder are coming closer together. I have sent this to Dave Allen, who I know is online and watching this storm from Carmel so he can post it for me as a comment to my latest post.


8:00 pm – this is some serious, heavy-duty rain with thunder and lightning. Love these kinds of storms, if I am dry and warm!

7:00 pm – finally, rain, not drizzle, on the South Coast. And thunder, too.

Oh, and some more tourons came hiking in at dark thirty. They were lost, looking for a cabin of some sort just as it had gotten dark. I was in my pjs, settled in for the night, with 4 dogs going nuts over strangers in the front yard. The tourons are on their own tonight. If they were dogs, I’d have taken them in, but people without a clue? They are almost always trouble. Hopefully, they hadn’t left their vehicle too far away.

6:00 pm – rain reported in Carmel. I have been having significant internet connection problems yesterday and today.

3:00 pm – drizzle and everything is wet. Wouldn’t call it “rain” though.

Mixed bag of reports from the weather forecasters, who are indicating a 50% chance of rain for this evening, but shouldn’t be more than light showers.

Looking outside, it looks like rain possible tonight. We shall see. Also, for those of you along the coast, look to the whales! Whale sightings reported.