Weather Report, 12/29/09

10:00 pm – rain did not last long, at all, and unless we get more this evening, will not be measurable, at least by my rain gauge.

8:40 pm – the rain has begun. Not heavy, just present. Not predicted to be much, but will continue to monitor until sleep overtakes me. Total at first light.

Weather Photos – Los Burros

Today, a chilly, but crystal clear day. Rain total for last night’s “storm” was just under .25 of an inch. Last night, I tried to upload the photos I took yesterday of the fog “pouring” over the top of Los Burros, but never could get even the first of them up.

And here is a closer look at those incredible clouds/fog:

And, while the internet is working again, here is the same phenomena from a different angle with different lighting:

and the close up: