Ambulance Service in Big Sur & Tomorrow’s treat!

Kirk Gafill reports: “Today, the Board of Supervisors approved by unanimous vote, a 5 year contract with American Medical Response to provide countywide advanced life support ambulance service. The contract specifically calls for a 24 hour a day ambulance to be stationed in Big Sur for the duration of the contract.” Way to go, Kirk & Martha!! Thanks for spearheading this for our community!

And tomorrow, December’s spotlight goes up — Post Ranch Inn. Soaring Starkey, Post Ranch Inn Historian (among so many other titles) has blessed us with an incredible bit of history of one of our original pioneer families, graced with historical photographs you will not want to miss. So check back for a great read!

2 thoughts on “Ambulance Service in Big Sur & Tomorrow’s treat!

  1. …And don’t forget the Pacific Valley School Winter Show, Wednesday night at 6pm. Y’all are invited to enjoy the great entertainment by the kids and staff. All sorts of music, including stunningly beautiful original songs written and sung by the students themselves, old favorite sing-alongs, and hilarious comedy plays are in store. One song will even have you jumpin’ up and dancin’ “The Twist” on the spot!!! This extravaganza is our gift to the Big Sur community. Wear your jade and be ready to have fun.

  2. Sorry, Dave … I know you personally handed me the program, outlining what looks to be a great show — continuing a tradition that has extended back to long before I was a member of the South Coast, and with all the other things on my mind, I did not get around to posting an announcement. Glad you did. Remember, the highway will close at 8 pm that night at the county line, so if you come from the south, you must leave the show around 7:30-7:45 in order to beat the deadline. But call the CT hotline I posted earlier to make sure the closure is going to happen that night as scheduled.

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