This week, now that the rain is over, looks to be heavenly, here in paradise, with temperatures heading into the 70’s. Next weekend might bring more rain, so enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures while you can!

Some days, when I drive down the mountain to run to town, I am in a hurry. Rarely so big a hurry I don’t stop to take a photograph or dozen. Usually, they are random shots. The other day, however, I kept noticing the textures of things.

It started with this dead pine.

The Texture of a Dead Pine

“Touch me with your hand, your eye, your camera. Do you feel the stories of my life?”
Dead Pine in Meadow

“I sit in a small meadow, surrounded by living things, and peaks sitting over my shoulder, but rarely is my beauty seen, or the home I provide for critters appreciated.”

And then there was the downed Oak …

Lichen on Oak

Even though the Oak is dead, the lichen lives on. There is so much we miss, when we don’t pay attention.

The ferns, in and of themselves, are texture, create texture, and become the background texture of the redwood forests.
Water carved dirt wall

Do you think about the water that carved these images for us to view? How long have they been like this? What did they look like before? I think about the water that shapes life here. Its presence or absence shapes the landscape it dominates. And the texture of the water’s path is everywhere.

Owl's clover

And the texture the native wildflowers add to our landscapes …

Textures of the cycles of life and death, surround us in this wilderness … if we but pay attention.

6 thoughts on “Textures

  1. Fantastic post dear one. I love to get lost in photographing textures and the small natural bits of art that most don’t notice. When Sarah & Peter were here for my birthday we went down to the Redwood forest behind Fernwood. As we were leaving I noticed a small patch of leaves, pieces of wood and little bits of nature that to me seemed like a perfect piece of artwork and I had to photograph it. Sarah laughed at me and told me I was stoned. For me and the passion I have for photography…those are the moments I enjoy the most with my camera. Love this post Kate!

  2. Love the photo’s. I am not a photographer, but I do like to get close to things and feel, see, smell, and even taste the detail.

  3. What a wonderful post on texture, Kate. I love the one with the ferns. The darks in that photograph are so good! They look rich and warm to push that fern forward and make it dazzle!

  4. Thank you all you photographers, artists, and biologists for your appreciation of this post. I frankly did not think it would generate much interest, but it was interesting to me, so I took a chance. I always hope that if people will learn to see, they will learn to respect.

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