Delicate Balance

There is a delicate balance between Mother Nature and Mankind. In our urban areas, this balance has been destroyed. Here in the wilderness, it teeters. During the winter, man and womankind leave Mother Nature pretty much alone – her power is awesome during that time of the year; but when the weather warms, and the rains are in abeyance, people start populating the wilderness again. And their presence is felt every where.

I found this screwed into a tree today. I took it down. If you try to count the shots, there are probably over 100, as the big hole was blown away.

This is the back side, and one can see the kind of damage that these bullets do.

These are some of the casings I found, 45 autos.

Both the State Parks and the USFS are seriously understaffed, and unable to monitor our wilderness areas. Can we work on solutions to these problems? I see the wilderness being mistreated all the time, but there is little I can do about it, other than try to get people to “wake up!”

Heart worm in Big Sur – post tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Delicate Balance

  1. It does not matter whether it be urban area or wilderness. Wherever modern man treads he leaves a scar on the land. What are we to do? Drop our worldly goods and strap on loin cloths and eat berries and acorn gruel? We will leave a scar. Because you live in the wilderness adorned with worldly goods in a nice shack with a view does not set you apart from wilderness trespassers or urban dwellers. A piece of plywood and some casing is no different then a legal septic system next to the Big Sur River or Pfeiffer State Park cutting big Redwood trees to accommodate for motorized tourist traffic. In the end man will lose and the natural world will prevail in some form or another. That tree will probably survive the blast of bullet holes. So really who are the bad guys here? Better those bullets on a target than, hopefully, hurting any living creature.

  2. Headline on BBC News ,,,,,,,,,,,Professor James Lovelock, the scientist who developed Gaia theory, has said it is too late to try and save the planet.

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