Big Sur International Marathon Sunday

I think the marathon started the first or second year I moved here. Not being into self-flaggellation, I have always avoided the crowds, the traffic, and the headaches. Three years ago, I could avoid it no more. My son was running.

I got exorbinately expensive rooms for he, his wife, and his dog at the finish line, and one for me too. It was the first time in all these years that I felt the excitement, and participated in the legend – from the sidelines.

My son had run several other marathons, but what surprised him (and me) is that he turned in his fastest Marathon time in the Big Sur International. It is grueling. No question. So, why did he do so well? He might tell you it was because he was home. He spent most of his teen-age years here — went to junior high and high school here. I might tell you it is because of all the encouragement the runners get along the way. Whatever the reason, he finished in just over 4 hours. (He could tell you to the second, I only know it was just barely over 4 hours.)

And this photograph I shot, will always epitomize the race for me – all the thousands of people who participate, only hoping to finish.

So, enjoy, and cheer on the runners – particularly those in the back.

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