Fire Watch to Weather Watch

In anticipation of the storm coming in Friday, I have changed from fire watch mode to storm watch mode, which I do about this time each year. Fire season is effectively over, and we came through unscathed – in fact, most of the state did, also, except for some stubborn fires in Kern Co.

My links on the right have been changed so that those who wish to check weather reports, road reports, rivers, and other items of value during this season can do so easily.

Nextrad for tomorrow:

I like the yellow tulips, but will change them in November to be season appropriate to the northern hemisphere. Start thinking about a winter Big Sur photo you might want to submit for the December 21st header contest.

One thought on “Fire Watch to Weather Watch

  1. …and so goes another fire season. Another great job this year Kate. El Nino told us the season would be slow, with fewer acres burned and it held up.
    Wind events in SoCal could light up the boards but north and central state is done.

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