Rocky Fire near Atascadero?

First, if you are in Santa Cruz, there is a controlled burn between you and Pacheco Pass, it may look like its coming from Coe SP, depending on your location. It is a controlled burn.

Second, I was watching and photographing the clouds, as saw smoke drift to the south. I have been investigating and determined (so far) that there was a fire yesterday on Vandenburg AFB that may still be sending up drift. I also determined there is a fire in SLO Co, out toward Atascadero. This was what was reported about 1/2 an hour ago.

Start Aprox 12:30 Location is Rocky Canyon Truck Trail near Atascadero.
50+ acres.
Moderate rate of spread in brush. No structure threat.
40% contained

This is a photo I took about 10 mins ago, but there has since been an increase, which I will show you as soon as I post this. I will update the photo below with a new one just above it.

Rocky Fire 4 pm, 10/29

While the drift is increasing, this one can’t last the night with the storm coming in.

One thought on “Rocky Fire near Atascadero?

  1. The controlled burn left a thin film of smoky haze wafting along the water surface on San Luis reservoir Tuesday late afternoon, just like a tule fog.

    Not much smoke or haze near Hollister, then just south of Prunedale, the high haze of smoke extended out to Monterey. Thin smoke column was coming up behind the first ridge east of Gonzales.

    As far south as Pismo Beach, smoke clung to the shoreline and pushed up against the marine terraces and coastal hills. Much smoke seemed to be congregating at water level in an unusual pattern. No wind atall. Inversion layer? Don’t know if the smoke was residual from Rocky fire or the controlled burn. Today much clearer, and warm, about 85 in Nipomo. Happy Spring!

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