Pitkin’s Curve Project

Funny, just a few days ago I was asking Rock Knocker to please, please, please go get some more shots of the Pitkins Curve Project, and today, Cal-Trans sent one.

Sorry, Cal-Trans, I had to straighten the horizon, as crooked horizons drive me nuts, even though I do it all the time. While I was there, I made it a tad underexposed, and a tad more saturated. Now you all know my secret.

Great photo, though!

Pitkins Curve Project, photo by Cal-Trans

By the time Cal-Trans is finished with this project, the motoring public won’t realize it is driving on air.

3 thoughts on “Pitkin’s Curve Project

  1. Wow, Eva … it snuck up on me, but I just realized your comment above was the 2500 comment to be posted to my site. Wish I had a prize or something. All I can say is thank you for all your support!

  2. LOL-BSK–that’s some impressive number of comments. Wow! A Prize? Well I never would have thought of such, but, hey it’s a nice idea. Thanks for all the great views and news and new people to meet via your blog.

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