The Clouds of Big Sur & the Surf of Pt. Lobos

Dan Danbom sent me some stunning photographs Saturday that he said I could share with you. And Leslie of Lesliepaints if you like my clouds – you will really love these! All photos by Dan Danbom.

6 Pines by Dan Danbom

Bixby Bridge by Dan Danbom

Weston Beach, Pt Lobos by Dan Danbom

And yesterday’s rain total? .75 inches for a season total of 3.75 inches. Oops, misread the gauge, somehow. Only .50 or 3.50 for the season.

8 thoughts on “The Clouds of Big Sur & the Surf of Pt. Lobos

  1. You know I have been working on cloud paintings this past year! These are wonderful. In the top two photos, the clouds look like they are rushing somewhere; the first one especially! In seeing the surf photo right below the clouds I was thinking how like clouds they appear, yet my mind tells me of how water feels and think, in painting them, I would have to incorporate the feel of the water and the splash and the force. Then I thought on clouds being a phenomenon of moisture, but different. I MUST try water, soon! Thank-you for the link, Kate! …and thank-you for your special vision, Dan!

  2. No matter how you slice it, we live in one of the most spectacular places in the world! These shots are all poetry in motion. Thanks for sharing Kate & Dan!

  3. Hey!!! Those look like my watercolors! Cowibunga, Stoka-boka! I need to break out the paint brush and get painting!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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