Big Sur Bridge Project – Pitkin’s Curve

As promised, here are some pics of the project taken today. Unfortunately, Rock Knocker had to run off before he could explain them to me, so I could ‘splain them to you … so what you get is just the photos. What a project!! Honestly, I did pare these down to just a dozen. There were at least 5 dozen to choose from. Engineers and road aficionados might be the only ones interested in this post. And historians, like me! 😉

Thanks so much, Rock Knocker for taking these so readers can see the project up close and personal, as only you can do!!

4 thoughts on “Big Sur Bridge Project – Pitkin’s Curve

  1. Pitkins Curve is south of Lucia, south of the Hermitage and Point 16, just north of Rain Rocks, which is just north of Limekiln. Both Pitkins Curve and Rain Rocks have been trouble spots for YEARS. Check out the Pitkins Curve/Rain Rocks page for some historical photos of this area.

  2. Kate, I find this project very interesting – usually lay people never get a chance to see a project such as this up close and personal. Rock Knocker is to be commemded for such great photos, and you for running them. Also, thanks for the detailed description of the location. Do you think it would be possible to get some shots from over the ocean from some of your pilot contacts? That would be great!

  3. I’ll never forget the day a house-sized boulder careened down from 500 feet up the cliff, and smashed smack-dab between my truck and the school bus. In Winter, I stop and look UP there and at several other places too during my commute. Every day those two halves of the new causeway inch toward each other, I thank those guys for the good work they are doing.

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