Big Sur in Black & White

I have been meaning to do this for a while. So, today is the day. B&W was my first love, but I must admit it is not as appealing in digital as it was in film when I did my own developing and printing. But here are five for you to enjoy while we wait for the weekend storm.

I will be attending the fundraiser for Rachel Short at the River Inn tomorrow night, and will bring back a report, and probably some photographs. The 6:00 pm time slot is sold out. Also, the River Inn asks that you bring cash or checks for the donated dinner. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Big Sur in Black & White

  1. The last two photos really caught my attention. I like the way the cabin is “hidden” behind the branches giving sense of secrecy.

  2. Ansel Adams eat your heart out! LOL Seriously Kate, these are very good & I too liked the cabin shot best.

  3. I morned my old darkroom as well but I did two things that made my life a joy once more. First I got a copy of the Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in for photoshop, its just like working in the darkroom and a very easy to use b&w conversion tool.

    Second I found a company that makes real silver gelatin b&w prints from my digital files! The company is: . Now its just like old times except my hands don’t smell like fixer. I have beutiful black and whites to use for exhibitions. (BTW the guys at DSI also gave me a job!)

    Great images, love the redwoods!

  4. I really love #2 and the cabin. I too started off in black & white and your right, it just isn’t the same using digital. Thanks for taking us old shutter bugs back to our roots.

  5. Oh what a treat these are, Kate. The one of the tall trees with the tiny lit path, beneath, is awesome. I also like the shot of the house in the woods and the foggy one. That last one in the fog (or are they clouds?) gives me the feeling of being “on top of the world”!

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