Weather Report,11/21/10

9:30 am – a tree is down, blocking both the north and south bound lanes near River Inn. And, yes, there is snow on Cone Peak. The clouds parted long enough for me to get a shot.

Cone Peak, 11/21/10

9:00 am – more rain. It is expected to rain on and off all day. Correction – IT IS SNOWING!!

I am very grateful for the merino wool cap, gloves, and sweater I picked up in NZ. Wish I’d gotten the socks, too!

8:00 am – The wind is still racing across the landscape, and there is a mixture of blue skies and serious clouds, and the temperature is 41 degrees – inside! Last night, I received .85 inches, for a season total of 7.20. No snow, by the way, and I even woke at 3 am to check. Can’t see Cone Peak due to the clouds to see if it got any.

Given the high winds (leading to downed trees), and amount of rain over the last two days (almost 3 and 1/2 inches), I am certain that Plaskett is impassable today. Given the conditions, I don’t feel comfortable trying to make the Celebration of Life for Seanan Moses today. I hope you all understand and know I am there in spirit.

The hard closure of Highway 9 in Santa Cruz at Henry Cowell SP due to a downed tree remained in effect overnight. It should reopen sometime this morning.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report,11/21/10

  1. Serious clouds or cirrus clouds? 🙂 Just bein’ silly. Hey, the weather can’t make up its mind here either: sunny, but we just recovered from a big wet downpour. No rain fall totals reported for this location, yet, but up the hill one count is .84″ for yesterday’s total. Fairly substantial!

  2. The sun is shining here at Lucia now. Friday’s rain brought us 1” and yesterday & this morning 1/2”. So total rain for this one was 1 1/2”. Always amazes me the difference from on top and down here. But eventually, it all ends up down here anyway..right?

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