Cops, Accidents, and other stories

Around noon today, we saw EIGHT Santa Cruz sheriffs heading north on Highway One, toward Santa Cruz. Have not been able to determine what that was about. Last night a crime spree closed the Highway in San Simeon, after a robbery somewhere in Big Sur and an attempted murder in Gorda. I will be running to Gorda later this afternoon and will find out what I can. Lastly, there is a 6-car pile up on 101 near the airport. Darn, looks like the “real world” at least the ugly part of it found us, last night.

The “robbery” in Big Sur, was actually, apparently, an attempt, on a local who lives in his car. Duh. Also, these stupid yahoos apparently tried to break into the Deli, as well, before their crime spree continued in Gorda, and was stopped by a shoot out in San Simeon after these five guys tried to run the police down in their stolen vehicle. One of the five was shot in the leg. I’ll be trying to interview people this afternoon, and get the story pieced together for you for a report this evening

4 thoughts on “Cops, Accidents, and other stories

  1. Violence in Gorda, say it isn’t so. Some of us want to believe there is one place left that is not affected by real world issues. San Simeon fits that bill too.

  2. Actually violence in Gorda has been going on for years. My parents ran Gorda in the early 70’s & it was a tad wild & wooly then & through the years that followed. The very colorful characters that have walked across Gorda’s landscape paint a story very close to the Westerns of the the late 1800’s!!

  3. What about the time Kenny Wright CHP was shot on Lighthouse flats.

    I will bet that few remember when Edmund Kara’s house was broken into and some of his many sculptures were stolen.

    Here in S’pore the bilboards read, “Low crime doesn’t mean No crime” !

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