Red Tail & Sunshine Alley

Oh, how I miss you two. These two were the communication central for the South Coast for DECADES. They are both still around, just not here.

Sunshine Alley lived at the bottom of Plaskett. She had a “land line” and CB. Family and/or friends trying to get ahold of someone in the hills often had Sunshine Alley’s phone number and would call her to relay a message. I would hear her voice on the CB at night calling to one person or another, “Hey, Ridge Rover, your brother called. Give him a call when you can.” “10-4, Sunshine Alley. How are you and Sandy doing?”

That is how we kept up and in contact, in the before days – before widespread internet. Familiar voices were much more personal.

Then, there was Red Tail. Red Tail was the communication link. He listened to the scanners 24/7, and broadcast over the CBs of fire, road conditions, and other news to all of us. He also had a land line. We would call him for updates, questions, and information.

I miss them both so much. They are both still with us, but Sunshine Alley is in Arroyo Grande, and Red Tail is in San Jose. Red Tail still stays in contact with most of us, but Sunshine Alley cannot. It is not the same anymore. While the news is conveyed – the blog, the internet, the emails are not the same as the familiar voices over the CB at night. I still have my CB and my scanner, but the CB is not hooked up, and its antenna blew away years ago. The scanner is never used, as I listen to the online scanner when I know something is going on, but never 24/7.

Whatever I contribute, it will NEVER compare to the decades of community service and communication these two dedicated to the South Coast of Big Sur. I miss you guys!

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  1. I miss them too. Their voices when I was all alone, in the dark, in the rain, in the school bus, dodging rocks and mud and whatever else the highway and weather would throw at me, was like hearing the voice of God. I miss the days where we all stayed in contact through the CB. I really miss Sunshine Alley. I love that woman so much. Thanks for the great post Kate. It’s the time of year we tend to reflect and look at our blessings…and I was blessed to have her in my life. We all were.

  2. A Big Second On That One ,,,, I Miss Red Tail , Too . Not sure what he is doing over there , but his knowledge and helpfulness , is a God Send to us all ,,,, Many Thanks Jim , if you read this , we all miss you !

    Douglas , AKA Redwood on CB .

  3. I’ve just been thinking of Sunshine Alley, and Redtail and Boxer – and that magical time of listening to them play Trivial Pursuit on the CB late in the evening, while the orange and pink clouds reflected sunsets over the Pacific, and me, alone in my nest of Cone Peak Fire Lookout. All was right in the world, because their voices and laughter created home for those of us isolated souls, living on ridgetops and mountains of the South Coast. Good memories warm us still.

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