Family Transitions

Families grow apart, come together, constantly reforming themselves from one entity to another.

When my mother got breast cancer, 5 -7 years ago, our dynamics changed once again. I helped her through the classes, the double mastectomy, the recovery. They got it all, and we were happy.

When my son went through a painful divorce, a year or two ago, we talked almost every day as he learned to handle the pain and redefine his being. He visited from Oregon more often.

Yesterday, Mom called to say she had metastatic breast cancer. It was now in her bones. My son has been working on wrapping up his life in Oregon and starting new down here in Big Sur. The two events are coming together during this year’s holiday season, and my life will never be the same.

As I help my mother through her transition from this life to the next, and my son from being two to being one, my own life is full. I need to get my practice into a position that I can take off at a moments notice, my own house in order in many ways, and be available to my family in transition. That is my current priority.

I am not abandoning bigsurkate’s blog. I am still here. I am still keeping an eye out on storms, road conditions, community events and other items of interest for and about Big Sur, it is just I won’t be here in cyberspace as often until this time of transition is a bit smoother – until at least one transition is complete, probably my son’s. I will check in when I can, but through the holidays, at least, posting every day, as I have for the past two years is not likely.

Blessings, and may this post remind you all that what these holidays are about is family and friends and sharing your time with them. Gifts mean nothing, unless it is the gift of yourself. Namasté.

17 thoughts on “Family Transitions

  1. Take the time you need Kate. Your friends are behind you as you enter this chapter. Bless your mother, bless your son and bless you Kate.

  2. Much light to you Kate. I send you warmth and strength. Cry often….even if you are the “strong” one…it helps! Take walks, baths, time with your animals, and make sure you LAUGH as often as possible. Drink nettle tea and eat lots of citrus. Get massaged when you can…touch is important. My thoughts are with you this holiday season, as I, too, go through “family transitions”.

    Take care…Love, Tzila

  3. Blessings to you Kate for sharing so much of yourself. Such gratitude to you for posting such beautiful words from your heart. A wonderful reminder for me in my life any time of the year. I love being a part of your blog, reading them and absorbing them into my life in Big Sur. Happy Holidays and may you have such rich experiences with your family and friends this Holiday Season.
    Love, Pam

  4. Sending lots of love to you Kate. I can relate to the need to put family first. This has been my own truth too lately. I look forward to seeing you here when you have the time. I am so glad to know you through cyberspace. I hope you can still put the occasional photo up when you get a chance.

  5. Who here cannot empathize? Who here doesn’t wish your family the best, whatever that best may be? Post when it feels right to do so. None of us wants you to feel obligated to us. But we will always welcome words from you.

    Your community has learned much about what it means to care from you. And so, when one after another of us writes to tell you that we care, you can be secure in the knowledge that we know whereof we speak. Thanks, Kate; and peace and warmth to you all.

  6. Wishing you strength and lots of love during your transitions. And thanks for the generosity of your blog. A gift from the heart is always the right size…. Love to you, Kate

    Darci and Cameron

  7. I cannot tell you how deeply your words have touched me. You are all blessed and a blessing to those who have you in their lives. This holiday season, like no other, be grateful for the gift of love that fills your lives. I am.

  8. Step back and take the long look. These transitions are enough to fill your plate for now, and if the rest of us hear little or nothing, we’ll certainly understand.

  9. Love you sweetie. Do what you need to do and know that the love and well wishes from many are with you. If you need me for anything, please let me know.

  10. There’s a blue moon at the equinox next week, plus a lunar eclipse. Let us all dedicate this rarest of days to Kate’s mother, Kate, & her entire family.

  11. Hey Kate- Your priorities are in the right order. Extra blessings to the whole family this holiday season.

  12. Kate, I’m really sorry to read this. Please take care of yourself first so that you can be there for your loved ones. Wishing you moments of joy to share with your mom and son. Creating fond memories often helps to transcend any season of sadness. Many, many folks are sending you thoughts of peace and support through your transition. With best wishes.

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