Next Storm

The next storm is predicted to hit us Tuesday afternoon/evening, bringing the possibility of 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a half to our mountains. (moi)

I received two great water vapor satellite photos yesterday, thanks, Mike and Dave, but I was really busy cooking, cleaning, and visiting with family for the day, so I just didn’t have the inclination to bring my blog up-to-date. I am sure you all understand.

The storms after Tuesday night/Wednesday morning are behaving erratically, and NOAA forecasters are having difficulty with their models in predicting when and where and how strong these storms may be. I’ll keep an eye on things.

Now, we get to prepare for New Year’s! Hope you had a great day yesterday!

One thought on “Next Storm

  1. The Hawks Perch. Heavy rain all December 25. The juice stopped at 9:30 am Christmas morning, still don’t know why, nearly 24 hours to get our lights back, Sunday 6 am. My stove shut down, it was cold, heavy rain all day. I need some alternate heat supply. River Inn & Ripplewood et al generator’s on. I went to Deetjen’s for breakfast, fabulous and jolly, crowded, happy, merry, warm and dry inside. I opened the gallery in sunshine on Sunday afternoon, pretty empty here but nice stragglers and life returning to some normality, we’re like lizards moving in sunlight. Thanks for all your fine reports on what’s in store. The river here is a thundering powerhouse.

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