North Coast Values are not South Coast Values

My mother was born in 1929 – the beginning of the Great Depression. I have the family stories from those times, and the years beyond. The “gist” of those stories is that families and friends pulled together, and pooled resources. Families moved in together. Generations moved in together. Parents, grandparents, children, cousins, aunts and uncles lived in the same house. They all contributed to the stew pot that all would eat from. We entered the same era a while back, but no one is talking about it. It is time to talk about it. It is time to see “family” for the support we can provide one another.

CPOA and PelicanNetwork say that “community” is dying or being squeezed out. Not true, says I. Our community on the South Coast continues. We are a multi-generational community, unlike the North Coast. We have children and grand-children who will take over the stewardship of our land. We may be surrounded by USFS, but most of us will not “sell out.” Our children and grandchildren will continue our traditions. Sometimes, we ARE the children or grandchildren of those who came before.

Primarily, the South Coast, which had traditionally been from Anderson Canyon south, has only asked to be left alone. But, of course, as population explodes, that cannot happen. Now, after 80 years, CPOA has suggested that the “South Coast” is only from Limekiln south. I am a life time member of CPOA, but I am in complete disagreement on this issue, and at this writing, so is everyone on the South Coast, who has been here for 20 years or more. New comers disagree, because they are new comers, and do not understand the history and purpose of who we are.

I urge CPOA, PelicanNetwork, and other organizations to rethink the patriarchial positions they are assuming for the coast, particularly, our neighborhood.

I am relatively certain that I will be completely “blackballed” by certain people and organizations in Big Sur. So be it. I disagree with some people whom I completely respect. But North Coast values are not South Coast Values.