Late January Storm

10:30 am – up to an inch, now. How’s it doing where you are?

9:15 am – it is pouring!! I am having a mixture of rain, sleet, and small hail. Big Sur Valley got 3/4 of an inch, also, while Carmel reported in with 1/3rd of an inch.

8:30 am – update – just wind and a bit of drizzle at the moment, but I got 3/4 of an inch overnight. We’ll see what the day brings.

2:00 am – the storm woke me about half an hour ago. It seems it hit early and is dropping more rain than expected, too, based on the sound of it. I will let you know what I am getting up here when it gets light.

Also, I took some photos of Mud Creek yesterday before the rain started. There is a whole bunch of water coming out of the side of that mountain – and this, after a month of dry, warm weather. I will try to post a few of these later today.

But after this storm ends Sunday, at least a week of warmer, dryer weather is expected.