Late January Storm

10:30 am – up to an inch, now. How’s it doing where you are?

9:15 am – it is pouring!! I am having a mixture of rain, sleet, and small hail. Big Sur Valley got 3/4 of an inch, also, while Carmel reported in with 1/3rd of an inch.

8:30 am – update – just wind and a bit of drizzle at the moment, but I got 3/4 of an inch overnight. We’ll see what the day brings.

2:00 am – the storm woke me about half an hour ago. It seems it hit early and is dropping more rain than expected, too, based on the sound of it. I will let you know what I am getting up here when it gets light.

Also, I took some photos of Mud Creek yesterday before the rain started. There is a whole bunch of water coming out of the side of that mountain – and this, after a month of dry, warm weather. I will try to post a few of these later today.

But after this storm ends Sunday, at least a week of warmer, dryer weather is expected.

2 thoughts on “Late January Storm

  1. Heavy rainfall here through the night, too, Kate. It was cloudy all morning Saturday, went into a proper fog by 3 pm and half an hour after that rain started. It’s mostly galloping downpour followed by silence. Already warmed the air from yesterday’s chlll. I’ve been out an about around The Hawks Perch. The air’s got a wonderful fresh damp smell. The river is at a roar once more. The rain’s stopped for now but doesn’t quite feel finished.

  2. Heavy showers all night. Over 1/3 inch in the gauge right now, and going up fast.

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