Mud Creek Photos

UPDATE – Thanks to Douglas Walling for his question about photos from up above. Last March I did an entire post on photos from up there. You can find it here: Mud Creek, March 2010

First, let me begin with the rain total for this last storm. I got a total of 1.25″ which brings the season total to 23.75 inches. Big Sur Valley got the same amount for the storm.

These photos tell the story of what is happening at Mud Creek. It is amazing to watch this much water just “leak” out of the side of the mountain. Remember, these photos were taken Saturday, BEFORE the storm, when we had been dry and sunny for almost the entire month of January. This is what happens to our road down here, and this is just one spot we are watching.

Mud Creek 1, 1/29/11

Mud Creek 2, 1/29/11

Mud Creek 3, 1/29/11

Mud Creek 4, 1/29/11

Mud Creek 5, 1/29/11

5 thoughts on “Mud Creek Photos

  1. At that point in the photos, Mud Creek looks more like a Mud Slide !

    Does Rock Knocker have any up-stream photos to share ?

    BTW , how did that perched basin drain , get to be called “Mud Creek” ?

    Another BTW , that grey rock is shale , is it the same shale that is sought after for Fracking ?

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