January Weather

All I can say is WOW! Three-day weekend, weather mana from heaven. Blessed are we who are here in Big Sur this weekend. This is a great weekend to come out and play on the Big Sur coast, and frequent your favorite places!

The photodocumentary I posted on the “shitty hang gliders” has generated a lot of attention within the hang gliding community, and I have been assured by too many to count, that this conduct will not be tolerated in their community. The vast majority of the hang gliders commenting here, or on their own bulletin boards are very supportive of our efforts to combat this type of behavior. There are always those few immature individuals who don’t get what the big deal is, or who think I “framed” these hang gliders, or that I am ___ (fill in your favorite pejorative description), but they are clearly in the minority. We have these types in ALL groups of human beings, so that is nothing new.

And on another note – Just another spectacular sunset from last night!

Sunset on 40, by Brendon Shave