January Weather

All I can say is WOW! Three-day weekend, weather mana from heaven. Blessed are we who are here in Big Sur this weekend. This is a great weekend to come out and play on the Big Sur coast, and frequent your favorite places!

The photodocumentary I posted on the “shitty hang gliders” has generated a lot of attention within the hang gliding community, and I have been assured by too many to count, that this conduct will not be tolerated in their community. The vast majority of the hang gliders commenting here, or on their own bulletin boards are very supportive of our efforts to combat this type of behavior. There are always those few immature individuals who don’t get what the big deal is, or who think I “framed” these hang gliders, or that I am ___ (fill in your favorite pejorative description), but they are clearly in the minority. We have these types in ALL groups of human beings, so that is nothing new.

And on another note – Just another spectacular sunset from last night!

Sunset on 40, by Brendon Shave

6 thoughts on “January Weather

  1. Lovely Kate. Lots of heat, visitors, blue sky generated here. Yes yes, what lives we all lead.
    Interesting that you got a protest from the hang glide community. People have asked me if the ones living here still notice the scenery, and I always say damnbetcha, this land is much loved by it’s occupants.

  2. On this holiday of Martin Luther King NPR tells of the monument in DC and the mountain of despair which you walk through to see King standing on the mountain of hope. Here in the desert where I am at present, Big Bear’s snowy summit dominates the entire desert floor.
    But we don’t have gliders… we have target shooters! Leaving their mess all over, contaminating the drinking water and shooting up everything in sight. Sometimes the Los Padres forest is like that, too. I recently saw: Of Gods and Men, a film where Fr Christian tells the armed men who break into their Monastery in Algeria and eventually kill them that he would like them to step outside because the Monastery is a place of peace. No guns are allowed. The world was created to be a place of peace, of beauty, not meant to be shot up. Listen to the wind… the Spirit who sings in it: “Glory to God and Peace on earth to all of good will.” Happy King holiday…let us learn non-violence… and hear peace not guns everywhere!

  3. Yes, it is such a pity that you framed and victimized those poor, hapless hang glider enthusiasts. Those poor dears!

    At least the majority of the enthusiasts agreed with you and offered support. It’s good that some people care!

    Ditto on the great weather. I enjoyed it too!

  4. Kate, I’m not surprised you got so much feedback from the hang-gliding community. I’m wondering if the car, etc. identified them to anyone that knows them, and will talk to them about the mess they created. Let’s hope so.
    Please tell Brendon I think his picture is great.

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