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The next Bd of Supes meeting about this issue won’t be until March, but in the mean time, there are many ways to become informed about the process and its affect on the surrounding environment.

Here are some links that have a multitude of informational sources.

One place to start is Gasland: the movie

Here is a very informative article in pdf format one can download that takes the attacks by the oil and gas industry against Gasland: the movie, and addresses the information being distributed. It is also full of interesting links and sources of information. It is 39 pages long:

This one is an article about a spill from a fracking site in Pennsylvania that cause the death of many fish in a nearby stream. In addition, this link provides a source for searching for the number of wells in your state, and the number of regulators. It also has links to graphics showing fracking wells and how they operate:

So, there you have it. Take the time to become educated about the process so you can formulate your own opinion and support the actions of those with whom you agree. It is an emotional issue and deserves your attention.

5 thoughts on “Fracking Information

  1. Thanks for providing this information on fracking, BSK. I think the triggering of emotions often creates problems for dealing with such issues. Those advocating the ues of fracking are very good at presenting all the economic gains and downplaying any negative consequences. Those oppposing it are at their best when they present as much information and science as possible in order to appeal to reason rather than emotional knee-jerk reaction. Have to fight fire with fire sometimes—ie, information with information.

  2. Thanks for caring so much Kate, and for keeping all of us informed. I am very motivated by love for the Earth. It’s personal, global, and emotional at times. Information is a great balance for that when taking action. Without the feeling, nothing happens.
    Sending Lots of Light

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