7 thoughts on “Sunrise in Big Sur

  1. Gee Kate ,,, how can you be on top of the mountain and get a view like that ?

    What Ever ,,, each view , that you get and record by a pic , is worth millions ,,,, I can understand that you think the same as the same as me ,,,, There are very few that have what you have ,,, thank you for sharing with all us out here !!!
    So ,,, keep your feet dry ,,, if you can !!!

  2. Spectacular. Thank you once more and always Kate, for your sensitive vision of this compelling land. Busy weekend here at the Hawks Perch, lots of visitors and even a few buyers (sold a pen and ink drawing!) but most especially the delight of wide eyed tourists stunned by the beauty of Big Sur who can’t believe anyone is actually lucky enough live in this paradise. Oh what lives we all lead.

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