Montgomery London

As I think everyone is aware, we lost a great volunteer firefighter, Montgomery London. Today, her obituary ran in the Monterey Herald. I so love this photo of her, I wanted to share it with my wider audience! An amazing woman who will be missed by everyone who knew her. Just the day before her death, she was doing what she loved – a BSVFB rescue from JP Burns State Park.

Montgomery London, Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade Captain

Thanks for asking Avis. The Celebration of Montgomery’s Life will be held Sunday, August 21st from 2-6 at Esalen.

Donations in her name could be made to the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade or the Health Center.

16 thoughts on “Montgomery London

  1. What a wonderful picture of a thoroughly admirable person. Thank you for sharing this with the wider audience. As ever, you inform & educate. in this case, it’s bittersweet — but better to know of an exemplary human being, even one who’s left us, than to remain ignorant.

  2. Love that woman!!! She is going to missed in so many ways by so many of us. That is a great shot of her.
    Any word on when the memorial will be?

  3. Dear soul, what a full of life memory. Sorry I didn’t know her, but I will always love the busting vitality in her face.

  4. Montgomery will leave big holes in the Brigade as well as the hearts of all who loved her
    Memorial is at Esalen on the 21st

  5. Montgomery was my captain for 16 years, and she was always on top of everything. I fine and dedicated woman, she is so missed. She was the consummate professional, even as a volunteer. She expected the best from all of us, and from herself.

  6. The fire brigade will miss that experienced leadership. Fire Captain London, rest in peace.

  7. Montgomery earned a deep respect from me as she gave without asking and smiled and stayed positive in the worst of situations while doing her best to make things better.——- We’re gonna miss you kid!

  8. Most of my encounters with Montgomery and her husband Joseph were during late night shopping at Safeway. We always stopped to chat and have a laugh or two before heading down the hopefully quiet highway on a Friday night. Big Sur has lost a great and committed soul to our community. Her absence will be dearly felt.

  9. Montgomery was not only a friend but I had the honor to work with her on the fire brigade for many years. I will miss her and I always enjoy talking to her.

    Tim Ames

  10. A true icon and liaison for an entire community. She is a real woman and a real insiration. Montgomery has made a lasting and unforgetable contribution to our lives.

  11. I was inspired to read about all that dear Montgomery did to keep others out of harm’s way………a woman of service who really made a difference in the lives of those she touched. I am so glad that she got to go the way she wanted and was doing her work until the end. They don’t make people like this often.

  12. Montgomery was like no one that I have ever known……kick ass tough, funny, irreverent, competent, and tender….all at once….I loved you Montgomery….Rachel Fann

  13. Today, and most every day, I pass McWay Falls..and even after someone fell to her death yesterday, today, I saw people climbing over the fence…it’s insane there…folks meandering across the highway, opening the doors in the highway, doing U turns (today)….I’m so ready for winter!

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