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Sorry I haven’t been in cyberspace for a bit. End of summer approaches, and it is as if there is a frenetic energy for out of town visitors to beat the Labor Day crowds. My aunt and uncle come every year for a month to Pismo Beach, and it is my one time to visit, so I often go spend a few days down there. Out-of-state visitors are also coming for a visit in the next few days, and Rock Knocker has needed my help on some overnight projects lately, too. Of course, I squeeze some work in between all of this. Summer photos shortly.

Several Cal-Trans meetings are being held in the next two weeks that are of interest to all of us.

The first is regarding the design of the viaduct at Rocky Creek:
“HI Everyone,

We have scheduled our first Aesthetic Design Advisory Committee (ADAC) meeting to discuss the aesthetics of the proposed Rocky Creek Viaduct (bridge) railing, that will be constructed along the ocean side of the structure and will be designed to not only protect errant vehicles from the edge but also bicyclists and pedestrians.

The meeting will be held at the Big Sur Station Multi-Agency Facility on August 10, 2011 starting at 10:00 AM and lasting until approximately 1:00 PM or until we mutually agree we’ve covered the topics.

A packet of information will be emailed out to everyone prior to the meeting.

Thank you everyone for your participation!

Ken Dostalek
Caltrans, District 5
Project Management

The second addresses the truck climbing lane between Rio Rd. and Carmel Valley Road:

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