Cal-Trans Project Update


•Traffic continues down to one lane just south of Lucia at Dani Creek (PM 22.6-22.8) with a temporary signal in place for retaining wall installation. Work hours are from 7 am to 5 pm daily with work expected to be completed this September. Cyclists traveling southbound are required to press the signal button to activate a longer period to safely get through the narrow one-way uphill section. Work is expected to be completed by mid-October.

•The temporary signal about two miles south of Lucia at Pitkins Curve/Rain Rocks (PM 21.3-21.6) for the bridge/rockshed project remains in operation 24/7 with the project expected to be completed in spring of 2013.

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY: There are no projects currently under construction along Hwy. 1 in San Luis Obispo County near the Monterey County Line.

Here are a couple Cal-Trans photos of both projects. I have some I promised to post, but they will be out-of-date by the time I get them up!

Pitkins Curve is on the left – you can see the bridge coming together. Dani Creek (just south of Lucia) is on the right.

Photo Contest

I usually try to get a new header photo up around the solstice or equinox, but I am going to be a little late, this quarter, it looks like.

Okay, these are the rules:

-landscape format only
-photo must have been taken in Big Sur
-no more than 5 submissions per reader, each submitted separately in its own email to me at
-MUST be submitted as a jpg attachment to an email. I can’t seem to organize them otherwise.
-Deadline for submissions: Friday, September 23rd at midnight.
-please include your name and town and title of photo, if you have one (if not, identify the place)

That weekend, I will choose the 10 best photos and by Monday the 26th, the photos will be up for reader voting, if the internet goddess allows. This contest is open to all, wherever you live, but the prize for the winner will be redeemable only here in Big Sur, so you’ll have to come back for another visit to claim it. A shame, isn’t it?

Have fun, and send me a few of your best!! Last winner, Bette Nelson, won a $50 gift certificate from River Inn and Alan Perlmutter, and had her photo featured for sale by Barbara Sparhawk of Hawk’s Perch in the Village Shopping Center, next to River Inn and the Pub. Dan Danbom won lunch for two from Lucia Lodge. The Fall 2011 contest prize is a $50 gift certificate from Nepenthe, courtesy of Kirk Gafill. Thank you Kirk and Nepenthe Corporation!