Health Center Fundraiser at Ventana

The day was perfect, the setting sublime, the people joyful. What a day!

Wine tasting was provided by wineries from throughout the region, and I think every Big Sur restaurant was represented in the incredible appetizers served, and they were unbelievable. At the risk of forgetting anyone, I won’t list them. But it was a delightful treat.

To Arvil, Nadine, and Patte who coordinated an unforgettable event. We (Rock Knocker and I) so enjoyed the event, we are planning on making it an annual tradition!

Met with old friends and new friends and soon-to-be friends in the spirit of the close community we are. It was so nice to meet some people I had come to know first through reputation, and then through this blog – but to come face-to-face and get one of those famous Big Sur hugs, made my day! Thank you, Soaring, you are indeed a gem and a legend to our Coast. I would love to read of your experiences as fire look-out for so many years up on Cone Peak. Maybe a guest column several times a year? Whaddya think? Would y’all love to read her stories?

Photos of the event might be posted tomorrow, if technology cooperation achieved and time allows!

I will not have the photo contest up for at least a week, I am guessing. I was flooded with entries on Friday, and am still downloading (large files are hard for my system) sorting, filing, etc. before I can even begin to pick the top 10 choices. It will be really difficult, as there are some great entries. One major priority will be looking at how the photo will fit into the mandated heading size.