TX fires and local fires

Both WildCAD – LPF and wildlandfire are reporting several California federal resources, including our local Engine 17 have been sent off to the Bastrop Complex Fire:
“USFS R5 resources committed on R/Os to Bastrop so far [yesterday], per wildcad entries:
BDF: E16, E53
LPF: E17, E73
SNF: E11, E14, E42, E51
STF: E33, E34, E46
SHF: E23, E334, E53, E62, & WT46
MNF: E3-33, E53
MDF: E45
SRF: (processing)
HTF: E423”

Also, the local WildCAD reported several local wildfires last night. Since there is no further reporting I have found, I provide this for info only, and I won’t be continuing coverage on these unless warranted.