TX fires and local fires

Both WildCAD – LPF and wildlandfire are reporting several California federal resources, including our local Engine 17 have been sent off to the Bastrop Complex Fire:
“USFS R5 resources committed on R/Os to Bastrop so far [yesterday], per wildcad entries:
BDF: E16, E53
LPF: E17, E73
SNF: E11, E14, E42, E51
STF: E33, E34, E46
SHF: E23, E334, E53, E62, & WT46
MNF: E3-33, E53
MDF: E45
SRF: (processing)
HTF: E423”

Also, the local WildCAD reported several local wildfires last night. Since there is no further reporting I have found, I provide this for info only, and I won’t be continuing coverage on these unless warranted.

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  1. We here in Texas are very grateful for the help! We are in fire armaggedon here. Over 56 fires started just on Sunday, including the Bastrop fire, and 22 new fires started yesterday, for 7,544 MORE acres. Some of those have been contained, some not. “In the past seven days Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires for 118,413 acres. It appears that in the past 48 hours, more than 700 homes have been destroyed.” 700!!!! The Bastrop fire is now (as of this AM) 30,000 acres with NO containment. As of 9-02, there has been 20,631 fires that have burned 3,549,047 acres (3 & 1/2 MILLION). This does not include the Bastrop or other most recent fires.

    We have not had a fire right here closer than 25 miles…yet. I have all important things packed and in the truck in case we have to evac. There is only one way out of the little river-bend community I live in here, and I want to be uber-ready if we have to go. We are surrounded by fields of 5′ tall drying Johnson Grass, which I am working on cutting back.

    I have never experienced an extreme in weather like the drought we are in here. We’ve had no measurable rain AT ALL since March. We also had a dry Winter, so we’re severely dry. 2/3 rds of this year’s crops have failed (rice, corn, wheat, cotton, etc.). Cattle & horse ranches are selling off their livestock. Many who grow their own hay have not been able to this year, or have had it fail.

    Because of the persisitent drought, and the resulting fires, we need all the help we can get, and are so grateful to all the firefighters who come from other places to help out. Much love to all.

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